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Probably it was his inner instinct that there would be a day when the Medical Profession will be heavily depended on computer like operation and other activities which led him to start this company ten yaers back along with his like minded highly efficient and trained professionals who understood the clients needs very well. he has done exhaustive research in medical field as what is needed by the doctors in order to perform their duties accurately.

As they say unless you are motivated you can not be a motivator and that goes on about success too. Success of anything depends on taking positive risk and hard work and for that matter what you want to be in your life or in that case about the service you want to give with your product.

Mr. Manas Das after working for several years in IT industry in various capacities realized that it is not giving him that kind of creative satisfaction which he wants from it and then he started this DSS-Decision Support Systems in the year 1996 to develop the software exclusively for the medical professionals. He never looked back since then. He is known to be a quality driven person who reflects in his work and also through his company motto which aptly reads.

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