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A good library is a part of a good institution. A good library is always incomplete without good library management software. Until the librarian is not properly equipped with the information like book stock or the number of books issued or whether any particular book is available, it is very difficult to maintain a proper library

If the borrowers or the library members are not able to find a copy of a book or journal, then it is very frustrating.

A good library management software can solve all these problems of a library. The librarian can have any information on his finger tips regarding individual book or member. It is rally difficult to maintain a library which is having a few thousands of books and journals.

In order to facilitate the institutional library we have BIBLIOTEK, a library management software that can take care of individual member, individual book or even individual copy of any book and their transaction history. The borrower history or administrative facility and book query are also taken care in BIBLIOTEK software.

Flexibility is the most important feature of BIBLIOTEK. User can always set his own parameter like number of days book can be retained or fine amount for delay book return or re-issue number even demand book level check etc. These features make BIBLIOTEK very user friendly.

The modules of BIBLIOTEK are explained below in details.

The Modules of BIBLIOTEK



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