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C.C.S (Computerized Co-operative System)

C.C.S is a computerized Co-operative banking software solution for PACS. The C.C.S (Computerized Co-operative System) is developed according to the common accounting system (CAS) guideline suggested by Baidyanathan committee and NABARD. The C.C.S software covers all the main modules of PACS (Primary Agricultural Co-operative Society), Co-operative credit society and PAMS (Primary Agricultural Marketing Society).

The Computerized Co-operative System (CCS) is a complete solution for PACS, Co-operative credit society, PAMS and cooperative banks, from member to final accounts including monthly, quaterly & yearly reports returns. It gives complete peace of mind to its Management. It not only increases the efficiency of the employees but also decreases the work load, as a result they can work more on different departments. In this way the society can think for more new business with the help of the same manpower. CCS handles the total accounting system of the society. With a single voucher posting like sale, purchase, receipt or payment, the stock gets updated along with the stock register. The trading account, profit & loss account and the balance sheet become up-to-dated. The management can have a through look on their final accounts.




  1. Member Directory
  2. B.D.P ( Business Development Project / MINI Banking Module ) Operations
  3. Loan Transactions
  4. Financial Accounts
  5. Financial Reports
  6. Report Return



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Main Modules of C.C.S