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Drug Dose Calculator

Features of Drug Dose Calculator :

1. Drug doses are calculated depending on the Body weight & age of a patient.
2. All the important information is available while calculating a drug dose.
3. Calculate Drug Doses for both adult & paediatric patient in a single window.
4. Drugs, which are not recommended in Paediatric, won’t get calculated here.
5. Generic Drug information section contains:
    > About Drug
    > Indication.
    > Doses.
    > Contra Indication.
    > Precautions / Special Precautions.
    > Side effects.
    > Drug Interactions.
    > Medicine Name.
6. Generic Drug information can be modified in Drug Dose Entry section.
7. Separate section for filling New Generic Drug.
8. Separate section for filling and modifying Generic Drug information.
9. Updates are available in regular basis including medicine names.
10.Search Generic Drug by Medicine Name.



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What is Drug Dose Calculator ?
Ans.: It calculates doses of any drug for both adult & paediatrics. Doses are calculated depending on the body weight. To calculate, type the body weight & click on Ok button and the dose is calculated for both adult & paediatrics. Drugs, which are not practiced in paediatrics, are not calculated here.

How to calculate Drug Doses ?
Ans.: Select the Generic Drug. Fill in the Body weight box. Click on Ok button & the dose is calculated.

How to find out a Generic Drug ?
Ans.: The easiest way to find out a Generic Drug information is, Select it from the combo box. The Generic Drig names appear alphabetically in the list. The other way to search a Generic Drug by the Medicine name. Click on Search Medicine button and write the medicine name. Click on Find button & it will find the Generic drug for that particular medicine.

Price :
Drug Dose Calculator Ver 1.0 Rs: 3500/-
Free updates & support.

Special Offer for X-View Users :
Drug Dose Calculator can be incorporated in X-View.

Special Price for incorporating Drug Dose Calculator in existing X-View version: Rs 2500/-