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The main purpose of X-View is to keep detail information about a patient in an organized manner, so that later on it can be used either for future reference or for academic purpose. The software offers a good control on data organization and also offers a high level control to store pictorial documents like X-Ray, CT Scan or MRI etc and video photograph taken at the time of operation or manipulation. Against a particular patient multiple visit can be stored. Providing bill to a patient or generating financial report is easy in X-View.
The latest addition to our medical software fleet is X - Cardio, a cardiology software which benefits the cardiology institutes to record their patients clinical data and other details. CABG and valve surgery information are stored and analyzed through this software. User can print patient discharge report and other report from X - Cardio. Almost 1200 parameters regarding a patient can be kept simultaneously. Statistics and data analysis is possible on any parameter or any combination of parameters. CABG diagram and DICOM viewer is in-built in X - Cardio.
With increasing complexity in the medical practice, finding proper document and information on proper time is in high demand. X - Pres, our prescription management software dose exactly what is required in to day's business.
The prescription Management software is basically a solution, which keeps the track of any patient's treatment and medical advice. Once a patient is registered with the clinic then his / her medical records are maintained electronically. Prescription made by any doctor is scanned and recorded in a server and then it is retrieved as and when required.

Medi-Acc is a medical clinic institute management software, which manages the patient registration, account of a doctor and prescription format printing. This is basically a front office management software which also takes care of the back office job such as accounts and financial reports etc. Medi-Acc is suitable for medical clinics where doctors from different disciplines practice. The owner of the clinic may wish to keep track of the patients' registration as well as the financial report like daily collection or share money of a doctor or may be the commission payable etc.
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